correct tension

In my work the notion of correct tension refers to making with a tension that is appropriate for the work to survive the firing process.  In a broader context, correct tension relates to my attempt to achieve a balance between work and relaxation.  This has become a circular process as, through quirky circumstance, my relaxation has become my work.  Correct Tension is also the title of my solo show at Pan Gallery in May 2009.

Knitting is formed in rows of continuously looped stitches.  With laundering and wear, it will generally appear smoother and more evenly worked than when new. In contrast, crochet stitches are twisted and locked in place and relaxation of tension does not occur as it does with knitting.  This variation of tension has been the cause of untold frustration.  I could successfully fire a delicate complex knitting pattern, but not its crochet equivalent.

It took years of testing yarn, patterns and firing schedules before I hit the jackpot and accidently stumbled on the secret.  I had been firing extremely slowly in the early stages, but slowed it down even more the day I fired some damp pots with the knitting and crochet.  Eureka!!!  Not a crochet stitch broken. Here’s what’s happened since….

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